Aug 28, 2010
Armenian community reach out to athletes

Swimmer Sergey Pevnev (extreme left) checking out the tombstones of
prominent Armenians in Singapore history at the Armenian church in
Hill Street. -- ST PHOTO: NG SOR LUAN

SOME 27 athletes and officials from the Armenian Youth Olympic Games
contingent joined the local Armenian community for a food and cultural
exchange yesterday at the Armenian church in Hill Street.
The contingent had been invited by the community in a bid to build
friendship and foster bonds. Conversing in Armenian, they exchanged
information about one another's lifestyles.
Apart from the church, the group visited other Armenian historical
sites in Singapore such as the Raffles Hotel, which was established by
the Armenian Sarkies brothers.
Weightlifter Smbat Margaryan, 17, who clinched a bronze in the 56kg
category, said: 'It has been great to participate in such a tour, to
see contributions made by the early Armenian community in a land so
far from home.'
The contingent leave for home tonight.

From: A. Papazian