Day of Open Doors in Shirak medical establishments

GYUMRI, AUGUST 27, ARMENPRESS: `Day of Open Doors' was conducted today
in the medical establishments of Shirak province on the initiative of
the Armenian Republican Party. The specialists arrived from Yerevan
conducted diverse consultations in Gyumri - in the hospitals of
`Berlin', `Mother and Child', `Children's Austrian', `Karmir Khach',
`Maternity Hospital', and in a number of medical establishments of a
number of province communities. The residents were informed about the
initiative beforehand.

Chairperson of Shirak women's council of the party told Armenpress
that taking into consideration some social difficulties, there is a
constant need of suchlike events. `Besides that, the trust in the
doctors arrived from Yerevan is great. That is why the number of the
visitors is large in the medical establishments where a day of open
doors is conducted,' Mrs. Khachatryan said.

In some cases patients also get passes for having a more thorough
medical examination in Yerevan.

From: A. Papazian