The Armenian Consulate-General in Aleppo, Syria has denied an Armenian
woman an entry visa on the grounds that she does not have an Armenian

Isabel Oso, who has been a teacher at an Armenian school in Qamishli
for more than 30 years, was planning to spend her summer holidays in
Armenia, together with her sister, Sirun.

A few days after applying for a visa, the two sisters got the
Consulate's response which said Isabelle Oso's visa request was
rejected because she, unlike her sister, does not have an Armenian
name, and therefore she is not an Armenian.

The sisters told that Isabelle (Zapel Abrahamyan) had
submitted her birth and baptism certificates to the embassy along
with other documents.

She later applied to the Armenian Ministry of Diaspora but the latter
proved unable to do anything to help her.

Isabel Oso has several times visited Armenia to take part in teacher
training programs. But the Ministries of Diaspora and Foreign Affairs,
and the National Security Service claim there is no documented evidence
that she is an ethnic Armenian, and therefore her entry to Armenia
is impossible without a visa.

Isabelle' sister who is now in Armenia told that she is very
offended and does not want to visit the country any more.