Hayk Aramyan

The Armenian press reported disagreement sometimes escalating into
clashes between the Chief of the Police of Armenia, Alik Sargysan,
and the Chief of the Police of Yerevan, Nerses Nazaryan, since
Alik Sargsyan's appointment. For example, recently, Alik Sargsyan
reportedly said during the meeting of the college of the Police that
some people pay journalists to publish articles against the Police
representatives. He meant Nerses Nazaryan.

Usually, in democratic countries, the law-enforcement bodies have
controversies which enable balance within the security system and
exclude strengthening of one of the bodies, which eventually leads to
coups. But "two heads" for one body is too many. It prevents efficient
functioning of the system which can be proven by the current situation
in the Police of Armenia.

For its part, another situation is observed in Armenia when different
departments of different law-enforcement bodies "speak the same
language" and, accordingly, support each other in some questions,
which promotes degradation of the law enforcement system.

Certainly, internal departmental controversies sometimes result
in information leaks, which are interesting to the press and to
the readers but, as a rule, they concern "minor problems", without
touching serious systemic problems.

The press alternately reports Alik Sargsyan's and Nerses Nazaryan's
possible resignation. Perhaps, it is time to dismiss both, in case
there is a wish to have the Armenian Police deal with its functions
set down in the Constitution.