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Aug 1, 2011

Armenian population of occupied Abkhazia are urged to vote for
Abkhazian "prime minister" Sergei Shamba in the upcoming "elections" of
a new head of the puppet regime on August 26th. One of the influential
representatives of local Armenian community Galust Trapizonyan who,
as chairman of the Armenian (Gagra) association "Krunk" in 1992-1993
was engaged in mobilization of Armenian population of Abkhazia to
participate in the war against Georgia, came out in support of Shamba.

Trapizonyan made a statement in support of Shamba at public meeting
on July 27th and, presumably, most of the Armenians of Abkhazia will
vote for Sergei Shamba if its rivals Ankvab and Khajimba will fail
to attract other influential members of the Armenian community to
their side.

It should be noted that these votes could be decisive, since Armenians
are the second largest community in the occupied region. Full data
of the Census conducted by Abkhazian authorities this year are not
yet known. However, according to the 2003 data Armenians made up of
about 45 thousand and showed a steady trend to increase their number
since then.

This time it is Georgians of the Gali district that remain
"overboard". And it was their voices that decided the Abkhazian
"elections" in 2004. According to the census this year, their number
is about 30 thousand (the third largest community), but according
to official figures from Sukhumi, only 8 thousand of inhabitants
of this area almost entirely populated by Georgians were given
Abkhazian "passports" which this time is the only document which
allows participation in the vote.

From: Baghdasarian