NKR Government Information and
Public Relations Department

Baroness Cox is again in Artsakh and as usual not alone. She is
accompanied by about thirty pilgrims having different age and different
professions. They called their visit pilgrimage. Yesterday Prime
Minister of Artsakh Republic Ara Haroutyunyan received the guests.

It was in 1991 when Caroline Cox visited Artsakh first. Sincere
friendship of Baroness with Artsakh has a 20 years history. This
time she visited on the threshold of 20th anniversary of Artsakh's
independence, which is a great honour for each foreigner.

During the meeting a number of social, economic as well as political
issues were touched upon. Talking about the settlement of Karabakh
problem A.Haroutyunyan mentioned that this conflict can be settled
only with the satisfaction of Artsakh's demands.

Answering one of the guests questions what needs Nagorno Karabakh most
of all, Prime Minister mentioned - attention and friends. All the other
problems we try to regulate ourselves. Baroness said confidently that
she has successors of her mission; her grandchildren Hugo and Olivia
came with her. They got acquainted with this wonderful country 13
years ago when they were only 5 years old.