06:47 pm | Today | Politics

French-Armenian political scientist Albert Grigoryan says we are in
a new era of fighting for Armenian Genocide recognition. According
to Grigoryan, Armenia should quit "knocking" on the doors of other
countries' parliaments.

"We must create a strong Armenia. We must improve our country's
economic state and create workplaces," said Albert Grigoryan, adding
that Armenians always look toward Armenia, even though relations
don't always develop correctly.

Albert Grigoryan, who has been living and working in France for the
past 14 years, has come to realize that Armenia must solve its issues
on its own.

"Different people have different explanations of why the French Senate
didn't approve criminalization of Armenian Genocide denial. France
and Turkey have an economic balance worth billions, while France and
Armenia have an economic balance worth several hundreds of millions.

Which do you think is more important? To recognize the historical
past of a couple of hundred citizens, or create workplaces?" said
French-Armenian Albert Grigoryan.

The French-Armenian says Turkey's recognition of the 1915 Armenian
Genocide is only a matter of time since it is still hard for the
Turks to recognize the fact that their ancestors were assassins.

"At the same time, I must say that there has not been any progress made
in the past 100 years. Recognition of the 1915 Armenian Genocide will
happen only when the Turkish society completely opens up in front of
the whole world," said Grigoryan.