Tuesday, August 2, 16:50

Azerbaijan is conducting false propaganda; therefore, the pilgrims
want to know the truth about the Karabakh problem. The people of
Artsakh (Nagorno- Karabakh) have won the right to independent life,
said Baroness Caroline Cox, member of the British House of Lords,
who went on a seven-day pilgrimage to Nagorno-Karabakh with a large
group of foreign citizens.

According to ArmInfo correspondent in Stepanakert, she said that
was first of all a spiritual tour. Armenia was the first to adopt
Christianity as a state religion. Everybody participating in
the pilgrimage admires the beauty of Artsakh and its traditional
hospitability. Baroness Cox said that people from 9 countries came
to Karabakh and familiarized themselves with its history. They will
return to their countries and tell the whole truth. "She added that
Azerbaijan and other countries are conducting anti-Armenian propaganda,
but this did not stop the pilgrims.

There were doctors, public figures, engineers, teachers, entrepreneurs,
students from the United States, Germany, France, Israel, Nigeria,
Austria, Australia, etc. among the pilgrims. They familiarized
themselves with the historical and cultural monuments of Artsakh and,
together with pilgrims from Karabakh, they passed 122 kilometers at
almost 40 degrees. The final point of the pilgrimage was Gandzasar
Monastery in Martakert region of Karabakh (XIII c.).

The pilgrims visiting the NKR for the first time were impressed by
the splendor of ancient monasteries, hospitability and warmth of the
residents of Karabakh, and they promised to visit Karabakh again. The
Pilgrimage to Artsakh mission has been held by Baroness Cox since
2001. In 2001 the pilgrimage was dedicated to the 1700th anniversary
of the Armenian Apostolic Church. Notwithstanding the threats and
blackmail of Baku, Baroness Cox visits the NKR with new friends, and
hundreds of people become devoted friends of the Karabakh residents.

Besides the places of interest of Karabakh, Caroline Cox is also
interested in the processes of state building, Karabakh peace process,
democratization and other aspects of the NKR life.

A sociologist and human rights activist, the chairwoman of the
Armenian-British Parliamentary Group, the head of several human rights
organizations, Baroness Cox has made dozens of humanitarian trips to
Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh to provide people with medicaments. In
2006 she was awarded a Mkhitar Gosh Medal of Armenia for state and
public-political activities, as well as for considerable contribution
to diplomacy, legal studies and politics. The rehabilitation center
in Stepanakert, set up under the aegis of the Christian Solidarity
Worldwide, was named after Caroline Cox.

From: A. Papazian