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Robert Kocharyan's attorney Arpine Melikbekyan can't say whether Robert
Kocharyan will file a new lawsuit or not. "I have no information,"
Arpine Melikbekyan told "A1+" during a phone conversation.

Information regarding Robert Kocharyan's new potential lawsuit was
printed in "Haykakan Zhamanak" daily newspaper and it is assumed
that the lawsuit can be filed against Suren Harutyunyan, who is one
of the last leaders of Soviet Armenia.

This comes after the publication of the Armenian version of Mr.
Harutyunyan's book entitled "Past and Present" which includes the
following lines: "He [Robert Kocharyan] committed many errors, and
some say even crimes. The "bloody" conclusion of his presidential term
in March 2008 was not by chance either. For us Armenians, I dare to
declare that Kocharyan, with the "last chord" of his term in office,
will remain, as the Americans say, a "lame duck" in the history of
the Armenian people regardless of what office he holds in the future."

Let us remind that recently Robert Kocharyan and his family have
filed numerous lawsuits mainly against the media.

Kocharyan's attorney Arpine Melikbekyan told "A1+" that the examination
of the lawsuit against "Hraparak" daily newspaper is in progress.

To what extent to the courts' rulings satisfy Robert Kocharyan's
attorney, taking into account the fact that they are sometimes
partially satisfying? In response, Mrs. Melikbekyan said: "I can't
answer your question at this moment because I am leaving."

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress