Aug 2 2011

Azerbaijan is an active participant of the fight against world

'Azerbaijan, along with leading countries, is taking an active part
in provision of information security in the state and society, world
fight against cybercrime', chief of the IT institute of the National
Academy of Science of Azerbaijan Rasim Aliquliyev said.

He said UN and its lower structures, other international organizations
are in active fight against cybercrime. "There is also a commission
fighting cybercrime in EU and Azerbaijan is member to this commission",
he said.

The head of the institute noted that Armenia is taking an active
part in information warfare against Azerbaijan, targeting Azerbaijani
values, interests and both Azerbaijan and the international community
are aware of this.

"Armenia is trying to damage Azerbaijani interests, the truth that
Azerbaijan is bringing to the attention of the world community via
the virtual space", he said.

All the same, he continued that no state is secured of the threat
of violation of their own information security. "In this view, our
academy of science organized the team to react to computer incidents
CERT as part of the scientific computer network, which was certified
by the due European structures and has a big potential in fighting
cybercrime", he said. Aliquliyev noted that international organizations
highly appreciate Azerbaijan's activity in this area.

"Azerbaijan is growing into a leading country in the region in the
information and technological sphere", he said.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress