Aug 3, 2011

On August 2 the RA NA Speaker Hovik Abrahamyan received the members of
Scientific-Artistic and Youth's Councils of the Words Culture Centre
after Mesrop Mashtots.

In recent days they referred to the NA Speaker with a letter, in which
taking into consideration the NA Speaker Hovik Abrahamyan's interest in
recitation, the Armenian language and literature, they asked to receive
the representatives of the Centre for considering jointly several
other proposals on measures of preaching mother tongue and their
practical mechanisms, on the Armenian literature, and on cooperation.

Thanking for responding to the letter directed to the NA Speaker
and for receiving them, the intellectuals submitted thoroughly the
proposals, expecting the NA Speaker's support. They highly appreciated
the organizing of the Children and Youth Republican Contest-festivals
under the aegis of the RA Speaker, highlighting the Armenian literature
and the necessity of preaching the Armenian language. Nadya Antonyan,
Director of the Words Culture Centre after Mesrop Mashtots, submitted
their proposals, which would promote increasing the role of native
language and proliferation of the Armenian literature.

Particularly, the Centre suggests to establish a special youth
structure titled "Mashtotsazang" for preaching the Armenian literature
and words culture and to fulfill a project for creating and issuing
electronic library titled "Armenian classics" with the aid of the
potential of that structure, to preach the Armenian language and
the Western and Eastern literature on TV, as well as it is proposed
to establish scientific-artistic councils at the TV companies. One
of the offers refers to the support of organizing the jubilee event
devoted to the 1650th birth anniversary of Mesrop Mashtots, which is
anticipated for the third ten-day period of October.

The intellectuals participating at the meeting, Levon Ananyan,
President of Writers' union, Astghik Gevorgyan, President of
Journalists' union, and others presented their concerns on the existing
attitude towards the language and literature, TV programs.

Thanking for the care, devotion displayed by the Centre towards the
language and literature, the NA Speaker Hovik Abrahamyan has noted
that shares concerns, expressing confidence that for representing
a nation and a country the strong and key means is the culture. The
President of the Parliament expressed willingness to conduct detailed
and broad deliberations on the voiced concerns and raised issues both
in the relevent Committee and in the Paliement in general.

The Professor Samvel Muradyan, Head of the Department of Armenian
Literature at Yerevan State University, Doctor of Philological
Sciences, which was participating at the meeting, expressed
satisfaction on the occasion of conducting Republican Contest-Festival
under the auspice of Hovik Abrahamyan, in which he had participated
as a member of jury, emphasizing the excitement and the enthusiasm of
participants which he witnessed during the festival. "You are very keen
that we have an educated generaton, that is why we have come to you,"
said the professor, applying to the NA Speaker. In his word, we should
be able to inject patriotism through mother tongue and literature.

Artak Davtyan, Chairman of the Standing Committee on Science,
Education, Culture, Youth and Sport, noted that as a result of
the Speaker Hovik Abrahamyan's legislative initiative there are no
commercials transmitted on the spiritual-cultural TV Channel. He has
suggested that the representatives of the Words Culture Centre after
Mesrop Mashtots be present during the annual reports of Council for
Public Television and Radio and the National Television and Radio
Commission in the Parliament and voice their concerns.

At the end of the meeting the NA Spekaer expressed willingness to
meet with them one more time in the beginning of September till the
start of Autumn session of the Parliament, to consider the raised
issues with the participation of heads of relevent departments and
to give possible solution to them.