Below is an excerpt from an interview the renowned duduk player Djivan
Gasparyan gave to the Hraparak newspaper:

- Sixty-five years on the scene is a real reason for congratulations.

- I do not complain about anyone. People are busy. I did not invite
anyone. Those wishing came to see me.

- Who came?

- Anna Mailyan and Gevorg Hakobyan took part in the concert. We
performed together. Many people were present. It was "quite a concert",
as we say.

- Which of political figures or workers of culture was present at
the concert?

- None.

- Were they invited? Did they know about the concert?

- No one was told anything or invited. It was a concert, not a official
event. We have nothing to do with the government - I mean concerts.

- Some of the organizers say that you invited government members,
top-raking military officials, but no one came.

- Everyone says something. But it is not true. The can say anything
about Dzivan Gasparyan. You know, they have so many times had me
"married to" Bella Darbinyan or Ophelia Hambartsumyan. Can you tell
the people anything? It was nothing but an ordinary concert.

- You are rumored to have given your last concert.

- No, I have not said anything about my last concert. I am still able
to play.

From: A. Papazian