15:22, 30 August, 2011

Six hundred ninety-three first-year students will get stationary
education at Yerevan State University in academic year 2011-2012. They
have mainly preferred the following faculties: "Armenian Philology",
"Law", and "History". Rector of Yerevan State University Aram Simonyan
told today a press conference that like the previous years, this year
too there is a lack of interest in natural sciences. According to
him, there will be some natural professions in the new academic year,
which will not have a first year.

Aram Simonyan noted that though the small number of the applicants
has originated some issues, nevertheless, they are less than it was
expected. "It is joyous that irrespective of the number of students,
the number of the places for state order has been maintained. This is
a very important decision, which will allow to surely look ahead and
to solve the raised issues more successfully," said the YSU rector,
assuring that because of the current financial difficulties no change
of fee has taken place, and so will be continued in the upcoming years.

YSU rector attached importance and positively assessed the circumstance
that today culture of cooperation between Armenian universities has
developed and put at a high level. "Now we solve a lot of issues
through joint discussions," he said.

Referring to the issue whether Mr. Simonyan does not fear the
competitive situation created between universities, Aram Simonyan
said half-jokingly and half-seriously that they feel competitors'
breath every day and it helps them to be in good forms always.

In the new academic year the university work will start at 09:00 am,
and the classes - 09:30. "Result of this change will be seen only in
December, but I do not think that the issues will be solved so easily,"
he said.