Armenia faces serious problems with fish exports, which bring
the prices of the product significantly down, a chief of a fish
manufacturers' NGO has said.

Artur Atoyan, the executive director of the Armenian Fish
Manufacturers' Union, told reporters on Tuesday that those engaged
in the business do not often manage to cover their costs.

"A fish manufacturer in such cases is unable to cover the expenses.

The price for fish food on the European market has surged by 40%. A
20kg-25kg. sack sold for [email protected][email protected] about three months ago," he said,
adding that current trend testifies to an increased cost price.

Atoyan noted that Armenia's biggest market, Russia, is offered fish
products below cost from countries like Turkey and Norway.

"That creates serious obstacles for us in terms of exporting fish to
the Russian market," he said.

As for joining the European market, Atoyan considered it a little
untimely, noting that lots of problems need to solved before achieving

He confirmed further that Armenian fish manufacturers do not use
hormonal food.

"Our union represents 130 fish manufacturing companies which, I
can say for sure, never use hormonal food. As for the other 30 fish
manufacturers, I don't believe anything of the kind is possible,"
he added.

From: A. Papazian