31 July, 2012

Yerevan, July 31, ARMENPRESS: The Armenian development potential is the
Armenian nation spread all over the world, so the state should create
such tools to unite the Armenians and multiply the organization level
of our people. As "Armenpress" reports the Armenian Prime Minister
Tigran Sargsyan states this in the meeting with the students of
"Light" foundation in the "Ayb" high school.

To Prime Minister's opinion "Armenian World" factor will become
more significant year by year along with the changes taking place in
the world forcing us to be more united as a nation. "In this sense
"Light" foundation, the National Competitiveness Council with the
public-private partnership, which includes Armenians succeeded in
different states of the world, are important tools. The council aims
to increase the national competitiveness. The creation of a number
of Armenian organizations and unities are among the tools", briefed
Tigran Sargsyan.

The Prime Minister noted that there are few countries in the world
which are in such a difficult situation as Armenia is: it has no sea,
no diplomatic relations with the two neighbors Azerbaijan and Turkey.

The international sanctions against Iran also complicate the situation
in Armenia. "It is clear that such a situation creates difficult
conditions for the economy, raises political risks and so on. In
other words we are to take into ground these objective trends while
discussing our economic model", mentioned Tigran Sargsyan.

The Executive director noted that another means of the Armenian
development are integration and market expansion. The country should
use all its features to provide maximum integration with Georgia,
Azerbaijan, Turkey and Iran. "However, taking into consideration the
fact that the settlement of the relations with Turkey and Azerbaijan is
quite a difficult problem, we should focus on the country's internal
resources and on the better organization of the "Armenian World"
potential", highlighted the Prime Minister.

During the meeting Tigran Sargsyan performed a lecture on "Armenian
World", touched upon the changes taking place in the world and the
Armenian development trends, regional processes and the content of
the new world.

Since 2012 July 150 students of "Light" foundation within the program
"Develop Armenia" have worked in the Armenian and Artsakh ten
communities, towns and villages, discovered the development events
and programs, that are presented to the head of the government during
the meeting.

From: Baghdasarian