Armenian Weekly
July 31, 2012

On Wed., April 18, members of the five Detroit ARS sister chapters
proudly loaded a United Armenia Fund container with a long-awaited
shipment bound for the Kashatagh region of the Nagorno-Karabagh
Republic (NKR). The 170-box shipment, valued at $75,000 and containing
winter apparel, was the culmination of a year's worth of hard work
and dedication by the ARS.

Detroit ARS Sends $75,000 Shipment to Karabagh The endeavor was
spearheaded by the "Maro" Chapter under the guidance of Armen
Topouzian. The simple efforts of this one chapter quickly blossomed
into a regional effort that came to include all of the Detroit ARS
sister chapters and the Detroit community at large, as well as the
Chicago community.

ARS members collected gently used and new winter coats, blankets,
and other winter apparel, along with monetary donations that were
used to purchase new apparel. Mr. and Mrs. Bedros and Patricia Avedian
graciously donated their facility for packing and storage. Additional
storage space was kindly given by the Basmajian family.

The ARS Eastern USA and Detroit sister chapters-"Maro," "Sybille,"
"Zabel," "Shakeh," and "Tzolig"-thank those who made monetary donations
and donated winter apparel. Through the generosity of the ARS, the
Detroit community, and its neighboring communities, this shipment
will be dispersed to those in need and will help Armenian families
in Nagorno-Karabagh stay warm and endure many winters to come.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress