Tuesday, July 31, 14:23

Armenia enjoys great popularity among Italian tourists who say that
the Armenian cultural heritage is very similar to the Italian one.

Anahit Dabinyan, operator at Imega Tour and Travel Agency, made such
statement to ArmInfo.

She said that the cultural heritage of Armenia is very interesting
also to the tourists from Australia, Canada and the USA. Armenia
very often receives tourists from California, she said, and the top
popular sights in Armenia are the resort towns of Dilijan and Jermuk.

Tigranuhi Aleksanyan, operator at Sirov Travel Agency, confirms
that Armenia is very popular among Italian tourists. Armenia enjoys
popularity also among Ukrainian, English and Japanese tourists. The
favorite region of tourists is Lori, as all the tourists express
desire to visit it.

Gegham Aghouzuntsyan, Director of Gamo Tour Agency, said, in turn,
that tourists often complain about too high prices at hotels in
Armenia. In this light, the inflow of tourists in the country fell
versus the previous years. He said that trips of the country rose in
price by 10%-15%. Most of the tourists in Armenia are Russians who
often rest in Dilijan, Hankavan where prices are relatively low.