July 31, 2012 | 14:48

YEREVAN. - Armenia's "National Association of Sinjar Yezidis" NGO
issued a statement, whereby it extended its support to the Armenian
community in Syria.

"As it is known, many of our brothers and sisters had settled in
Aleppo, having escaped the Ottoman violence, and live there. [But]
We are confident that, in this case, the Armenians living in Aleppo
must return to Motherland Armenia because their physical existence
there [in Aleppo] is already at risk.

As we see it in Armenia, they were not too prepared to receive
our Syrian-Armenian brothers and sisters on a state level. The
"National Association of Sinjar Yezidis" NGO is convinced that
all citizens of Armenia need to unite-today more than ever-so that
the Syrian-Armenian community is not left out in the open and at
least a place to shelter be provided for them. We believe that if
each of the 4,000 organizations functioning in Armenia provides one
[Syrian-Armenian] family with a 'roof [above it head],' the problem
will be resolved in one day.

We stand ready to support, to the extent of our capacity, our brothers
and sisters who are emigrating from Syria to Armenia. Let us hope
our assistance will be timely and appropriate," the aforesaid NGO's
statement reads in particular.