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There are always many people visiting the sites worth seeing,
historical and cultural monuments and the local museums in Lori region
in the summer due to the high number of tourists visiting the region.

However, the home-museum of great Armenian poet Hovhannes Tumanyan
is an exception since there are few people visiting the home-museum.

There aren't even any tourists.

Director of the museum Rosa Ghazumyan says this is due to the tourists'
lack of awareness.

She is certain that many guests visiting Lori region don't even know
about the existence of this museum and adds that the museum mainly
hosts schoolchildren in the region and schoolchildren from Dsegh.

Autumn is the best season for visits at the Tumanyan Home-Museum
because several guests visit Dsegh village of Lori province to
participate in the already traditional event called "Tumanyan Day".

According to Ghazumyan, the days devoted to Tumanyan's fairy tales
help develop cross-cultural ties.