12:12, July 30, 2012

Armenian Aryan Order is announcing that the U.S. office of the Armenian
Aryan Order (AAO), which is called the Armenian Aryan Fist (AAF) has
a history of 10 years, and is regulated solely by the orders of Armen
Avetisyan, the leader of the AAO and the Supreme Council of the AAO.

After an attempt on the AAO leader's life, in November 2009, when
comprehensive inspections were carried out in the Diaspora offices
of the AAO, Armen Shahbazyan, who was in charge of the U.S. office of
the AAO, was dismissed from the organization, and replaced by Vardan
Zohrabyan, one of the dedicated members of the American-Armenian
office of the AAO.

The former leader, Armen Shahbazyan, had been dismissed on the
grounds of embezzlement committed in the course of many years, as
well as his failure to notify the AAF members about the activities
of the AAO and its orders in their entirety. For many years, Aryan
American-Armenians have been organizing fund-raisers to support the
activities of the AAO. However, the abovementioned person, formerly in
charge, had been appropriating a part of that money, taking advantage
of our trust in him.

All the damages and illegal activities were fully exposed in November
2009 and, by the decision of the Supreme Council of the AAO, Armen
Shahbazyan was dismissed from the AAO (including the U.S. office),
along with a few of his "partners."

However, recently he has been appearing on some American-Armenian
TV shows in Los Angeles, using the symbols of the AAO-AAF, which is
impermissible and is a deliberate provocation against the AAO.

Recently he has presented himself as "the head of the U.S. office of
the AAO", which is a fraud and an outright lie.

The Supreme Council of the AAO is informing the Diaspora Armenians,
especially the American-Armenians, that Vardan Zohrabyan is the one
in charge of the Armenian Aryan Fist, the U.S. office of the AAO,
and that Armen Shahbazyan cannot represent any AAO office. And if any
agreements have been signed with him until now, the AAO is making an
official announcement that it carries no responsibility.

The Supreme Council of the AAO is addressing the Armenian authorities
with request to have the Armenian Embassy in the U.S. (or the Consulate
General) call him to account and teach a lesson to Armen Shahbazyan
and his followers based in Los Angeles, since the political wing
of the AAO, the Armenian-Aryan Party of Armenia, is an organization
registered at Armenia's Justice Ministry and operates under the laws
of the Republic of Armenia. A corresponding letter will also be handed
to Eduard Nalbandyan, Foreign Minister of Armenia.

The Supreme Council of the AAO is also addressing the U.S. authorities
to call U.S. citizen Armen Shahbazyan, resident of Los Angeles, to
account for deliberate exploitation of the name of our organization
operating under the laws of the Republic of Armenia, which, I am
certain, is also a violation of the U.S. laws, since a U.S. citizen
is violating our copyright and damaging the reputation of our
organization. A corresponding letter will be handed to the U.S.

Embassy in Armenia.

Armenian Aryan Order Supreme Council

From: Baghdasarian