July 30, 2012 | 23:34

YEREVAN. - The Turkish side presents the desired for a real, expert
Ruben Melkonyan told Armenian News-NEWS.am commenting on the Turkish
President's press secretary Ahmet Sever's statement.

The normalization of the Kurdish and Armenian issues were the two
projects, which the President Abdullah Gul failed to realize during
his first term in the office, the spokesperson said in an interview
with Turkish Vatan newspaper adding conditions were quite favorable
for settling both issues.

"The Turkish propaganda machine presents the desired for a real. It was
especially evident during the Protocols negotiations as the Armenian
side has never agreed with the Turkish pre-conditions on the Karabakh
issue, denial of recognition of the Armenia Genocide and the 1922 Kars
treaty recognition [Turkey has gotten the Kars and Surmalu regions,
previously the territory of the tsarist Russia]. The Protocols excluded
those three points, but the Turkish side has all the time stating them,
adding that Armenia has admitted the pre-conditions.

Once it was even stated by the Turkish FM that Armenia has admitted
the Kars treaty," Melkonyan said.

According to him, despite the fact that the Protocols express
intentions on normalizing relations without preconditions and the
Armenian side has always emphasized this, the official Ankara has
made quite the opposite statements for the domestic audience.