Wednesday, August 1, 17:07

The recent meeting with the representatives of the Armenian community
in Syria, hosted at the Diaspora Ministry of Armenia, covered issues
related to the developments in Syria, the Ministry's press service
told ArmInfo.

During the meeting, Armenian Diaspora Minister Hranush Hakobyan said
that a working group was set up, which studied the issues raised by
the Armenians of Syria, classified them and sent them to the relevant
state structures.

She said that 2 decisions of the Government of Armenia would come
into effect within 10 days. According to one of the decisions, the
Syrian Armenians, who have gained Armenian citizenship, will be able to
receive passports at the Armenian Embassy in Damascus and the Armenian
Consulate in Aleppo. The other decision says that the Syrian Armenians
will be able to receive an entry visa on the border with Armenia.

Hakobyan also pointed out that the Diaspora Ministry applied to the
Education Ministry to discuss the possibility of higher education
for the Syrian Armenians for a tuition fee similar to that for the
Armenian citizens.

Hranush Hakobyan said that the Health Ministry addresses the medical
assistance and service issues of the Syrian Armenians. According to
the Migration Agency of Armenia, 30 families have applied to them so
far, and they were provided with rooms in dormitories.

For their part, the Armenians of Syria pointed out Armenia's warm
attitude towards them and stressed the significance of the Diaspora
Ministry's work. They also expressed hope that all the problems will
be solved at the state level.

They also asked the Armenian mass media to display restraint when
covering the problems of the Syrian Armenians, because even one
incautious phrase may endanger the Armenian community of Syria.