Armenian Weekly
August 1, 2012

WATERTOWN, Mass.-This summer, the Armenian Students' Association of
America, Inc. (ASA) sponsored an internship at the Armenian Weekly
for one undergraduate student in journalism.

The first ASA journalism intern Lilly Torosyan For a six-week period,
Lilly Torosyan, the first intern accepted into the program, wrote
articles for the Weekly, receiving a stipend of $150 a week. Torosyan's
internship was later extended for another six-week period and will
conclude in late August.

>From West Hartford, Conn., Torosyan is an active member in her
church's ACYOA and in Boston University's ASA. A junior at Boston
University, she is studying international relations and political
science. Torosyan's articles for the Weekly are available here.

"I was thrilled to find out that I received this internship. It
has been a great opportunity to advance my writing and interviewing
skills, as well as to make connections with other Armenian communities
throughout the country," she said. "[Editors] Khatchig and Nanore
are the best bosses anyone could ask for. They were really patient
with me-even when I lacked ideas," she added.

"We are grateful to the ASA for sponsoring this internship. It has
given us an opportunity to engage a greater number of Armenian-American
university students in journalism," said Armenian Weekly editor
Khatchig Mouradian. "Lilly Torosyan, our first ASA journalism intern,
has been a great asset for our newspaper. We wish her continued success
in her studies at BU, and we are confident we'll see her byline in the
Weekly even after her internship concludes later this month," he added.

Dr Michael G. Mensoian, a member of the ASA Board of Trustees,
originally formulated the idea of the internship. "We were fortunate
in placing the first recipient of the Armenian Students' Association
of America, Inc. Journalism Internship with the Armenian Weekly,"
Mensoian said. "Her successful completion of the internship is an
important milestone for the ASA, Inc. as the Board of Trustees seeks
to provide professional-level experiences for our young men and women.

The ASA, Inc. Board of Trustees believes it is important that more
of our undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to enter
the important field of journalism. This new program will augment
the successful Scholarship Grant Program that has been the hall-
mark of the ASA since its founding in 1910." Mensoian said he hopes
to continue the internship program next year, as well.

The Armenian Students' Association, Inc. has provided financial
assistance for Armenian-American college students in the form of
scholarships and internships for the past 100 years. The journalism
internship will be continued next summer.

To learn more about the ASA or participate in one of their educational
opportunities, visit