AUGUST 2, 2012

YEREVAN, August 1. /ARKA/. Armenian small hydro power plants' output
growth reached the record high in recent years, Abgar Budaghyan,
chief of the Public Services Regulatory Commission's division in
charge of licensed activity monitoring and investment programs,
told ARKA News Agency on Wednesday.

According to the energy ministry's figures, their output grew four
times in the past five years.

"Only 29 small hydro power plants operated in Armenia in 2004, while
now the country has 130 hydro power plants - it means more than 100
plants have been built for eight years," Budaghyan said adding that
few countries in the world can show such results.

He said that the aggregate capacity of these small hydro power plants
is 204 megawatt, and they generate 656 million kilowatt/hour electric
power every year.

"These figures show that environment in the country is stable and
favorable for investments, since investors put their money not in
short-term programs, but in long-term programs which produce results
15-30 year later," Budaghyan said.

The Public Services Regulatory Commission has said that construction
of 73 small hydro power plants with 161 megawatt capacity and 564
million kilowatt/hour potential annual output is under way now.

After the construction is completed and these new plants start
operating the aggregate capacity of Armenia's 203 small hydro power
plants will reach 365 megawatt and their aggregate annual output will
reach 1.2 billion kilowatt/hour.

According to official statistical reports, Armenian Nuclear Power
Plant generated 2548 million kilowatt/hour electric energy or
34.3% of the country's total electric power output in 2011 - 2.3%
year-on-year growth.

Thermal power plants generated 31.9% and hydro power plants 33.8%
of the country's total output in 2011.

Besides, 3 million kilowatt/hour of power was generated by a wind
power plant 26.8% year-on-year decline. The wind power plant's output
made up 0.04% of the electric power generated by the country's all
power plants in 2011.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress