Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

A scene from the convention

Assistance to Armenians in Syria Kicked Off

PADADENA-The Armenian Relief Society (ARS) of Western U.S.A., 92nd
Annual Regional Convention was held on July 27-29, 2012, at the new
Pasadena Armenian Center in Pasadena, California.

This convention was characterized by the level of concern for the
plight of the Armenian community in Syria, upon the ARS Central
Executive Board (CEB) Representative Annie Kechichian's report of
the latest developments about the situation.

The convention decided to form a special committee to raise funds for
the Armenians in Syria, and asked for volunteers from the convention
delegates. The committee will ask the communities of the Western
U.S.A. to open up their hearts to make their contributions.

The opening of the meeting with the delagates

The Convention kicked off the fundraising for the Armenians in Syria,
showing its commitment by both words and exemplary actions. Dr. Nyree
Derderian, the past Chairperson of the Regional Executive, conducted
the impromptu fundraising, announcing the donations as they were
passed on from the floor of the convention. The delegates, guests and
observers presented their personal and chapter contributions for the
fund supporting the Armenian community in Syria, collecting payments
and pledges amounting to $18,050.

Four members of the Regional Executive had completed their 2-year
terms: Nyree Derderian, Kristine Keshishian, Carmen Libaridian and
Seta Hagopian-Soghomonian. The Convention elected Lena Bozoyan,
Christina Khanjian, Carmen Libaridian, and Karine Barikian-Setian.

ARS CEB Chairperson. Vicky Marashlian congratulated the convention for
its smooth performance and the newly elected board members. The ARF
Central Committee representative, Dr. Viken Yacoubian, congratulated
the newly elected board members, wished the whole ARS family success
in their endeavors, promising support and assistance to collectively
achieve the goals of our people.

Following the end of the Convention, the 2012-2013 Regional Executive
board elected its officers as follows:

Lena Bozoyan, Chairperson; Carmen Libaridian, Vice-Chairperson;
Armenouhi (Mimi) Tomassian, Secretary; Liza Santikian, Treasurer;
Christina Khanjian, Accountant; and Zharmen Mirzakhanyan, Judy
Jingirian, Angele Ohannessian, and Karine Barikian-Setian Advisors.

Support the Armenian community in Syria by donating by credit card
or PayPal at, through a chapter, or sending
your check to ARS of Western U.S.A., Regional Executive, 517 W.

Glenoaks Blvd., Glendale, CA 91202-2812.

The ARS of Western USA, established in 1984 and with regional
headquarters in Glendale, CA, has 27 chapters and more than 1,500
members in five western states. The ARS-WUSA operates a Social Services
Division, a Child, Youth, and Family Guidance Center, and funds
numerous youth programs, scholarships, and relief efforts. For further
information, please visit or call 818.500.1343.