12:43, August 2, 2012

Yesterday the Economic minister of Armenia, Mr. Tigran Davtyan,
visited Armenia Technology Center of Excellence. The Technology Center
of Excellence includes several companies such as Gallery-Systems,
Boomerang Software, Energize Global Services, and these companies
provide IT services to global and well-known clients as well as
develop innovative technologies and software applications.

Mr. Richard Bezjian, the president and CEO of the companies in the
Technology Center, provided the tour to the Minister and explained
different products and services being undertaken in the center. The
Minister was accompanied by his deputy and his group of associates and
also present were reporters and the media coverage of TV stations. Of
particular interest was Gallery-Systems DOOCAT banking platform which
provides Mobile Banking and Mobile Commerce and can be utilized by
banks, financial institutions and telecom companies.

The new world of mobile communications accompanied by the use of
popular smart-phones is revolutionizing the banking industry. DOOCAT
is one of the front-runners and a brand name in the Mobile Banking
platform global initiative. Unibank will be rolling out DOOCAT in Q4
2012 and other banks are in the negotiation with Gallery-Systems to
also provide DOOCAT services.

First mover advantage is key in these changing times where banks who
provide such innovative services will attract more clients and those
who don't may fall behind.

"This is the beginning of new era of Mobile Banking and with our DOOCAT
platform we provide all banks a ready solution to be quickly installed
and offered to their customers immediately" - said Richard Bezjian,
the president and CEO of Gallery-Systems. - "Beyond the Mobile
Banking and bank account balance viewing and transfers DOOCAT is
differentiated from all other competing products due to its advanced
and fuller functions. These include utility payments and particularly
Commerce which includes paying at supermarkets or purchasing products
via smart-phones by the use of DOOCAT" - added Richard Bezjian.

Indeed with these advanced features DOOCAT is way ahead of the curve
in providing one of the most robust and feature-rich Mobile Banking
and Commerce platforms in the World.

In the debut DOOCAT was presented in Moscow, Russia on June 29 at a
Mobile Banking conference. Conference attendees included many of the
well-known Russian banks, telcos and financial institutions. At an
unexpected over capacity filled audience the feedback by the attendees
clearly was overwhelmingly positive for DOOCAT.

Minister Tigran Davtyan during the demonstration of the DOOCAT was
given the smart-phone and personally experienced how easy it was by
clicking a few buttons on the screen of the phone to make a payment
and purchase. "I am very excited to see such a product and a new
banking solution" - said the Minister.

The minister himself is an avid user of smart-phones and he showed
how he has come to rely on the use of the smart-phones and how quickly
the mobile networks have improved the service and how attractive and
easy it has become for people to conduct research, get information
or do banking via smart-phones.

The demonstration test purchase via DOOCAT showed the Minister and
all visitors a glimpse of the future. "DOOCAT and such technology
are essential for advancement of the banking sector and the use of
smart-phones and tablets are increasingly becoming the dominant way
for people to operate. And I am truly and pleasantly surprised by
this team and the DOOCAT platform" - said the Minister.

Gallery-Systems is dedicated to combine and enhancethe DOOCAT
platform. It employs teams of engineers who are preparing the next
generations of DOOCAT and its different releases that run on Apple
I-phone, Google Android and Windows Mobile platforms.

Gallery-Systems with the DOOCAT mobile banking system will be
exhibiting at international CARTES exhibition to be held in Paris in
November 2012.