Story from News:
Published: 10:30:44 - 02/08/2012

The runner up in the July 19 NKR presidential elections Vitaly
Balasanyan announced the formation of a new political force.

His statement that on July 19 at least one third of Karabakh voters
voted for him. But those votes don~Rt belong to him only but to all
the citizens who are ready to fight, to strive for positive changes,
who want effective management and a developed country. According to
Balasanyan, politics requires a continuous and devoted fight for ideas
and principles. Successful are those societies where this fight brings
equal opportunities for each member of the society. The voting was
not the end in Artsakh but the beginning of new democratic processes,
the statement reads.

General Balasanyan says many issues were discussed during his campaign
which remain on the agenda and the only thing to change was the format
of solution of these issues.

During the campaign the citizens posed the issue of formation of a
new force despite the election outcome and continue the fight. This
moment has come. It is time to establish an institutionalized structure
which will try to find solutions to issues in political ways, the
statement continues.

According to General Balasanyan, meetings in different communities
of Artsakh will soon be held to discuss the fundamental principles
of the structure to be formed.

The statement also runs that the larger part of the national wealth of
Artsakh is today in the hands of a group of people due to corruption
and ineffective management. Our aim will be to establish social justice
and make the national wealth accessible to everyone, Balasanyan says.

It is time to reinterpret the path of 20 years of statehood and assess
it. A revival is necessary which will enable reforms of atmosphere and
healing of the moral and psychological state of the society present
during the movement for liberation of Artsakh.

The tentative version of the basic principles of the Artsakh issue
settlement is already in place which will be discussed, amended and
edited and will serve as a basis for the union of people for the sake
of preservation of the national system of values and development,
says Vitaly Balasanyan~Rs statement.

Vitaly Balasanyan, according to the official data of the NKR CEC,
received 32.50% of votes in the NKR presidential elections on July
19 and Bako Sahakyan was elected president with 66.70% of votes.