August 02, 2012 | 00:31

YEREVAN. - Over 2 million liters of wine was produced in Armenia in
the first half of this year, which is by one-third less, as compared
to the same period of last year, Armenian National Statistical Service
informs Armenian

Instead, brandy production was increased by 44.8 percent for the
aforesaid period making about 8 million liters. It is noteworthy that
the brandy export has sharply increased as well by over 7 million
liters (about $78 million). The brandy export is the second largest
export from Armenia, yielding only to the copper ore.

Official statistics also claim that vodka production has increased by
50 percent making 4 million liters, as compared to last year. At the
same time, beer production remained same making 6.5 million liters,
while champagne production was decreased by almost twice making
38,000 liters.