Syrian-Armenians Accuse Reporters in Armenia for Making Unfounded Statements

11:43, August 16, 2012

A group of Syrian-Armenians who have recently arrived in Armenia have
taken the local press to task for making unwanted and unfounded
remarks about the situation of the Armenian community in Syria. What
follows is their statement.

A reporter from Armenia, who had recently visited Haleb, , organized a
press conference upon returning to Yerevan and had the gall to make a
series of general statements regarding the issues confronting the
Armenian community in Aleppo.

According to the reporter, Syrian Armenians `are hostages to the
so-called national community leadership' and that `those leaders do
not allow the community to develop by taking logical decisions' and
that it's a result of ignorance or a planned conspiracy.

At this crucial time, such attempts to drive a wedge between Armenia,
the Syrian-Armenian community and the leaders of Syrian-Armenian
organizations can't be regarded as sincere by us Syrian-Armenians.

Those who have spoken out regarding the attitudes of the
Syrian-Armenians include Catholicos Aram I of the Great House of
Cilicia, Armenia's Ambassador to Syria Levon Sargsyan and ARF Bureau
member Hrand Margaryan.

They have stressed on numerous occasions that the Syrian-Armenian
community has no intention of leaving Syria.

These are individuals who are intimately acquainted with the
Syrian-Armenian community and not those who have visited for a few

The stance of the RA Minister for the Diaspora, shaped through daily
telephone conversations, meetings and consultations with appropriate
individuals, expresses the attitude of the vast majority of

We, a group of Syrian-Armenian youth now in Armenia, can confirm that
it's impossible to speak in generalities culled from a few days'
experience on the ground.

There are no anti-Armenian tendencies in Syria and no violence
directed towards the Armenian community.

The community now has its joint coordinating committee, comprised of
the three spiritual dioceses and representatives of the political
parties and unions.

We can proudly say that the community has never been more united and,
during this difficult time, the coordinating committee is confronting
all challenges confronting the community.

We find it intolerable and painful for any one individual to speak on
behalf of the community or attempt to hurl accusations against the
community leadership, political parties, or other responsible