Syrian Armenian community is more than united' react the Syrian Armenians

11:31, 16 August, 2012

YEREVAN, AUGUST 16, ARMENPRESS: There are not anti Armenian moods in
Syria and Armenian community now is more than united. The coordinating
body of the community - three primacies, parties and representatives
of the union are near the representatives of the community at this
difficult moment and support them as they can.

Armenpress reports that such declaration spread a group of Syrian
Armenians. The iam of the statement is to give adequate response to
one of Armenian journalists who lately visited Aleppo and after
returning because of unawareness or in order to create provocation
during the press conference told the Syrian Armenians suffer because
of responsible persons of the community who do not let the community
to make their own decisions. `The Minister of Diaspora presents the
moods of the majority of Syrian Armenians as she forms her opinion in
result of everyday phone calls, meetings and consultations' was said
in the statement.

According to Syrian centre of Human Rights Defense Organization the
ongoing clashes have resulted in the death of over 19000 people. By
the info of Arab mass media more than 12000 were peaceful civilians,
while more than 5000 were security officers. Among the victims there
were 7 Armenians, 2 of which were the Syrian Army militaries. Because
of lasting disturbances in Syria a number of people are leaving the
country, getting refugee status in other countries. Recently Syrian
Armenian Community representatives are also quitting the state. The
applications submitted from Syria by our compatriots are being
envisaged by accelerated procedure, at least within ten days.