Armenian National Committee of America-Western Region
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August 15, 2012

Contact: William Bairamian
Tel: 818-500-1918

Your Vote is Your Voice - Protect Your Rights!

GLENDALE- Since its recent launch of Hye Votes, a widespread voter
registration and Get Out the Vote campaign, the Armenian National
Committee of America-Western Region has established its headquarters
in Glendale on the third floor of the Krikor & Mariam Karamanoukian
Youth Center, with another regional call center in Hollywood. These
centers will serve as base camps for organized canvassing and phone
banking by volunteers from the community whose goal it is to register
large numbers of Armenian-Americans to vote in the upcoming November
elections and in future elections, and then to encourage them to
actually vote. Many electoral races are expected to be decided by slim
margins, and the collective voice of the large Armenian-American
community will surely play a pivotal role in determining which
candidates will ultimately best represent the community's interests in
every level of government: local, state, and federal.

Through the active participation and involvement of a vast range of
Armenian community organizations and entities, coupled with public
service announcements as part of a massive ad campaign, Hye Votes is
certain to reach large segments of the community which have either
refrained from registering or which have not actively voted in recent
elections. According to Hye Votes Campaign Director Elen Asatryan, "It
is vitally important for our community to know that it must act,
individually and collectively, to protect its rights and its
interests. Our vote is our voice, and every single vote counts.
Members of our community should feel empowered to make their voices
heard by registering to vote and then by actually voting."

Community members are encouraged to contact Hye Votes at (818)
533-VOTE(8683) or (323) 989-4ANC (4262) and to actively outreach
within their own families and circles of friends to ensure that every
citizen is registered to vote. Inquiries can also be made through the
website at

The Hye Votes campaign will be ongoing past the November general
elections and will remain in effect for every upcoming election season
at every level of government in order to ensure that our community's
collective voice is heard.

The Armenian National Committee of America-Western Region is the
largest and most influential Armenian American grassroots advocacy
organization in the Western United States. Working in coordination
with a network of offices, chapters, and supporters throughout the
Western United States and affiliated organizations around the country,
the ANCA-WR advances the concerns of the Armenian American community
on a broad range of issues.


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