To stop migration - major task of Armenian authorities

Monday, August 20, 19:18

Leader of the Democratic Party of Armenia Aram Sargsyan has published
an open letter wherein he expresses concern over new social outbreaks
because every such outbreak results in disappointment and new wave of

The letter reads that achievements of the ruling Republican Party of
Armenia, specifically, victory in the election, have no sense, because
within 13 years of its power RPA has not managed to settle the major
problem of the country - to reduce migration and create conditions for
repatriation of our compatriots. Sargsyan addresses President Serzh
Sargsyan calling him to change the situation fundamentally. He is
sure that the authorities must change the ideology of power
distribution in all sectors. In addition, the authorities must invite
Diaspora representatives for consultation and work in the country
paying them as much as they receive in abroad, hereby stimulating
return to Motherland.

The politician still believes that creation of the Pan Armenian Bank
is one of the most efficient ways to stop migration. He explains that
the funds of the world Armenians invested in the bank were used by the
Armenian Government to implement development projects in the prior
sectors of economy. However, Aram Sargsyan believes that the content
of the PanArmenian Bank was rendered innocuous and the bank has been
turned into a "corporate bank" with all the consequences that come
with it.

"Before investing money any businessman studies the peculiarities of
the economy he is going to invest in. And what he will see in
Armenia? First of all, the incredibly high state debt that will exceed
4 billion dollars soon," the letter reads. Sargsyan is sure that the
shadow business, monopolies, oligarchy, corrupted system, which is the
result of wild privatization simultaneously corrupt morals of the new
"sovereign" public. This is what really holds the Government from
changing the situation by 180 degrees, Sargsyan writes.