Today's Zaman, Turkey
Aug 24 2012

Armenian church ravaged in eastern Turkey

24 August 2012 / TODAYSZAMAN.COM,

An İstanbul-based association representing Armenians living in Sason
district of eastern Turkish province of Batman has claimed that their
church near the Puşeng village has been partially torn apart by
unidentified people.

Head of the Sason Armenians Social Assisstance, Solidarity and
Cultural Association Aziz Dağcı said he is appealing to Sason Public
Prosecutor's Office over the incident, demanding an investigation,
Armenian weekly Agos reported.

Dağcı said local Armenians don't know why their church was ravaged,
recalling recent mass they held last month. Dağcı said villagers
notified them that Armenian church Partsr Asdvadzadzin in Maratug
mountain was ravaged by some people with diggers and shovels.