V. Enfiajyan about Armenian participation in Eurasian Union: We are
now studying the situation


Head of the first Eurasian youth forum, deputy of the ''Prosperous
Armenia'' party Vahe Enfiajyan met journalists today and spoke about
the possibility of Armenian participation in the Erasian Union. The
deputy underlined that Armenia now is just an observer.

''Now we are studying the situation and want to have rather deep
researches. After it the time will come and we will have our very
concrete attitude'', the speaker said.

Enfiajyan considers that Armenia should better have wide economic
cooperation and ties. According to the speaker Armenia must be able to
lead flexible policy and so it will let Armenia become a part of
various political processes.

''We want to find way to have stable economy. In this cooperation
succeed it never means that the doors to Europe are closed'', the
speaker added.

24.08.12, 17:09

From: A. Papazian