Vanes Martirosyan promises to come to Armenia as a world champion

09:50, 24 August, 2012

YEREVAN, AUGUST 23, ARMENPRESS: Armenian boxing school is really laid
on a grounded basis. Yet nowadays the great number of Armenian boxers
who have registered success habit abroad. Armenpress reporter had a
briefing with middle-weight professional boxer , our compatriot US
Armenian Vanes Martirosyan .

Vanes we know you have left the Homeland when you were four-year- old.
In your mind does the fact of living in a foreign country has in
impart in becoming professional in ones field? Does the love, yearning
toward the Motherland make one care no effort for it's fame?

I started boxing when I was seven years old. My trainer was Davit
Torosyan.I had several Armenian trainers Yengibaryan helped me with my
foot work, Albert keshishyan, Sarkis Ghazaryan and Roman Kalantaryan.
As you can see my boxing foundation came from great Armenian trainers.
So I was in foreign country but learning Armenian style boxing. You
add to that what I learn and still learning from my American trainers
and you get me. Anywhere I fight I go in with Armenian music and flag.

You have never lost any game, what is your secret of victory?

I believe you can accomplish anything as long as you believe in
yourself .Once you start something you go all the way.

Do you have sport idol, whose style do you most prefer?

One off my favourite boxers is Alexis Aguero. Outside off boxing my
favorite athlete is Messi.

If there is an offer to perform for Armenia, will you accept?

I would love to perform in Armenia. I promised myself not to come to
Armenia until I am a world champion which is very close. I always
represent Abovyan, Armenia. And I'm proud of it.

Your father was also boxer. Does it had influence on your choice of profession?

My father is the main reason for my success. Keep pushing me and
always on my side.

Does your mother follow up your matches?

My mom never watches my fights live. Only one time she tried and left
when the fight just started. It iss very hard on her.

Vik Darchinyan known for ''wild ox'', Arthur Abraham '' King Arthur''
What for Vanes is called by ''nightmare'' and who is the author of
your nick name?

I am very good friends with Vick and Arthur. We are not the author of
my nick name, people are. It started when I was an amateur and every
fight before starting people started yelling here comes nightmare!
Because I was knocking everybody out.

Dou you have future plans to open sport ground in Armenia?

That is in my and my father's plans. In the city of Abovyan.

What would you say about your coming opponent Erislandy Lara?

Lara was five times Cuban champion, world champion in amateurs. Many
believe he is the best 154 lb fighter in the world and many believe
it's me. We have four world champions in our weight class and all of
them afraid to fight us. So almost every boxing writer in USA believes
that our fight will determine the best in our weight class. We have
singed the contracts and it looks like it will be in December, MGM
Grand, Las Vegas.

Interview by Varvara Hayrapetyan