Covering Up Vahe's Murder

Haik Aramyan
Story from News:

Published: 11:56:16 - 25/08/2012

The process of investigation of Vahe Avetyan's murder in Harsnakar
Restaurant and developments relating to Member Parliament show that
everything will end thus.

The advocates and reporters have revealed breaches during the
investigation, and the law enforcement agencies were busy attenuating the
circumstances of the murder and separating Ruben Hairapetyan from the case.
In fact, two important law enforcement bodies, the police and the office of
the prosecutor general, serve Ruben Hairapetyan and his bodyguards.

This is not something new. Despite the Constitution and legislation, law
enforcers serve the criminal-oligarchic authorities, not the society. No
representative of these authorities has ever been punished proportionately
for their offenses, even murders. Recently one of the relatives of Member
of Parliament Mher Madatyan involved in several murders was released, and
one of his guarantors was a prosecutor.

When the tragedy of Harsnakar happened, a lot of people expressed doubt
that the case would be covered up. They were right. The case travelled to
three agencies in one day. Heads of law enforcement bodies made statements
on the case, violating the requirements of the law. Under the pressure of
the society another option of cover-up was chosen, which is what we see

A lot of people said the heartbreaking statement written in the president's
administration and issued on behalf of Ruben Hairapetyan repenting and
stating to resign was intended to mislead people, and he is not likely to
resign at all. Today the press reported that the RPA activists are
collecting signatures in Avan district in defense of Ruben Hairapetyan. In
addition, the parliament refrained from holding an extraordinary meeting to
accept his resignation and postponed it till autumn, to take a time out for
Hairapetyan and his bodyguards.

There is no doubt that Hairapetyan will not resign and he never had such an
intention. Earlier before the election he announced that he will not run in
the elections but was nominated on the last day of nominations. His
bodyguards will not have to stay in prison for a long time. Hairapetyan is
not an exception.

And again singer Nune Yesayan's monstrous phrase will be referred to: were
Vahe not there, he would not get killed.