Blasts, shooting in Armenian districts in Aleppo
12:26 - 26.08.12

The Armenian districts in Aleppo have seen tension in the last two days.

An Armenian girl was killed by a blast near the Zvartnots church in
the Nor Gyugh district yesterday.

Talking to, Zhirair Reisyan, spokesman for the national
community leadership in Beirut, confirmed report and said that one
more Armenia received a shoulder injury.

`Yesterday was an eventful day. A number of bombs exploded around Nor
Gyugh, in different places,' he said.

Reisyan confirmed the reports on clashes not far from an Armenian
nursing home. Explosions and shooting can often be heard there.
Shooting can also be heard in behind the local seminary and round the
Sahakyan college.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress