Story from Lragir.am News:
Published: 09:58:42 - 30/08/2012

The arms and ammunition that Turkey provides abundantly to the
opposition forces in the Syrian crisis are passing very easily in the
hands of extremist fundamentalist elements that have entered Syria
from other countries. This fact is a cause of deep concern amongst
the Christian minorities of Syria.

The threatening declarations against Armenians and members of
other Christian minorities in Syria, that coincide with information
concerning violent acts, demonstrate the seriousness of the situation.

The Assembly of the Armenians of Europe expresses its concern for
the dangers threatening the life and the well being of the unarmed
and peaceful Christian population of Syria and declares:

The present Turkish government, heir of the Ottoman government that was
responsible for the genocide of the Armenians and their forced exile
from their ancestral lands, is continuing the traditional racist policy
of all Turkish governments and will be held immediately responsible
for any undesirable violation of the rights of the Armenian and other
Christian minorities of Syria. We warn the Turkish government as
to the results of their policies and we call them to stop fomenting
religious hatred and passions in Syria.

We appeal to the President of the European Parliament, Mr. Martin
Schulz, to the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign
Affairs and Security Policy, Ms Catherine Ashton and the European
Commission to adopt immediate measures in order to prevent the dangers
that threaten the Armenian and other Christian communities of Syria,
dangers that are sometimes caused by the direct or indirect policies
of a number of European governments.

We also appeal to the General Secretary of the United Nations, Mr. Ban
Ki Moun, to adopt the proper measures in order to put an end to the
dangerous Turkish policy of arming extremist elements in Syria.

The Assembly of the Armenians of Europe expresses its solidarity
to all the efforts of the UN officials to stop the further loss of
human lives, to care for the thousands of refugees and to promote a
peaceful solution of the crisis.

August 29, 2012

Assembly of the Armenians of Europe

Uppsala, Sweden

From: A. Papazian