July 31, 2013 | 12:44

The bill on the Armenian Genocide recognition was prepared by the
opposing political forces in Ukraine; this, first and foremost,
shows that such important and significant matter has compelled to
forget domestic political differences.

Director Vitaliy Kustov of FrAza.ua Internet Holding of Ukraine stated
the aforementioned to Analitika.at.ua.

"I have great hopes that the Ukrainian parliament will consider
this matter and give a positive solution. We cannot forget about
the terrible things such as the Armenian Genocide; we need to speak
loudly about it in order to remember. Otherwise, this terrible story
could repeat," Kustov added.

As Armenian News-NEWS.am informed earlier, a bill on the Armenian
Genocide's recognition was registered on June 6 in the Verkhovna Rada
(Supreme Council; i.e., the Parliament) of Ukraine. Rada members Arsen
Avakov and Vilen Shatvoryan are the persons behind this law proposal,
and the Armenian MFA has expressed its support to this initiative.

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