Tuesday, 30 July 2013 09:44

Deputy Executive Secretary of Yeni Azerbaijan leading Party, member of
Milli Mejlis Mubariz Gurbanly has recently reported the journalists
that the propaganda campaign for the presidential elections would
start on September 18-20. The Party plans "to gather over a million
of signatures", while the law provides 40.000.

According to Gurbanly, "all the elections in Azerbaijan were mentioned
by the voters' active participations".

He also made some prognosis on who will vote for Ilham Aliyev. First
of all, he noted over 600.000 members of Yeni Azerbaijan Party who
nominated Ilham Aliyev. Gurbanly thinks that members of other Parties
will also vote for Ilham Aliyev, as well as millions of neutral
citizens supporting Aliyev's policy.

The most interesting calculation made by the Deputy Executive Secretary
of the leading Party related to the opposition electorate.

According to him, the research testified that "the total number of
radical and constructive opposition supporters will not make more
than 4 % of all the voters".

Accordingly, Ilham Aliyev will receive 96 % of the votes in the
October presidential elections. Earlier, Executive Secretary of
the Yeni Azerbaijan Ali Hasanov ensured that "Ilham Aliyev would
not conduct a pre-election campaign, as there was no need in it,
because his works were speaking for it".

While the authorities are already celebrating the "convincing
victory" of President Ilham Aliyev, the opposition has recently held
two events in Baku and Moscow. Filmmaker Rustam Ibragimbekov met in
Moscow with representatives of the Azerbaijani community of Russia,
Europe, and Turkey.

The latters ensured that "they would support Ibragimbekov's candidacy
at the elections". And in Baku, the so-called "Karabakh Issues
Committee of the Democratic Forces' National Council" convened its
first meeting. The Committee is chaired by historian Jamil Hasanly. He
accused the authorities of "leaving the Karabakh issue exclusively
upon the president" and noted that "the society has no information
about the negotiation process". Hasanly also strongly condemned the
activities of the Azerbaijani TV channels, which spread such reports
and programs that "make the people amoral and contribute to their
forgetting of the Karabakh issue".

The objective is also pursued by the international organizations,
which desire to "reconcile the Azerbaijani society with the current
situation", insisted Jamil Hasanly. He said that "they initiated
the elaboration of the concept of the Nagorno Karabakh conflict
settlement", but no details were transferred. Following the formation
of the National Council of Democratic Forces, the pro-authorities media
and political circles voiced criticism against Rustam Ibragimbekov that
"he does not express his viewpoint on Karabakh".

In a recent interview, Ibragimbekov noted that "Nagorno Karabakh is
not only a territory, but also an Armenian population living there",
for which he was qualified as "a pro-Armenian figure".

It can be supposed that for drawing the figures mentioned by Mubariz
Gurbanly the authorities will intensify the anti-Armenian propaganda
and the militant rhetoric "to make noticeable that the approaches of
the people and Ilham Aliyev in the Karabakh issue are the same".


From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress