The Examiner
Aug 1 2013

By: Eric Holden

According to an Aug. 1 post from MMA Mania, Ronda Rousey hinted that
Miesha Tate offended Armenian fight fans during the filming of the
upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter.

Rousey, 26, explained that she gave Tate the middle finger during a
recent staredown at the Los Angeles stop of the 2013 UFC World Tour
because of something "Cupcake" did to antagonize Armenia during the
filming of "TUF 18."

The star judoka wouldn't say what exactly that "something" is, but
it didn't sound pleasant from the way she explained it.

"You have to realize me and Miesha already finished filming TUF,
so no one really knows where we left off, but we do," Rousey said
of her relationship with Tate. "I can't really say that much, but I
definitely think things got worse between me and her. I can't really
allude to why, but she's never gonna have an Armenia fan again. That's
kind of why I like her less and it's very noticeable. It definitely
didn't come out of nowhere. You have to watch the show to understand."

Tate didn't comment on the matter, so it seems likely that Rousey
was just blowing a tiny comment out of proportion to make her rival
appear worse than she actually is.

"I'm not going to let her dictate how I feel and how I react," Tate
said of Rousey. "She talked about how she was raised and I was raised,
and first of all she has no idea how I was raised at all. I was raised
not to be disrespectful to someone in the first place.

"She's always disrespecting me on a personal level and I'm never going
to be happy about that. The fans love her and I respect her for what
she's done for the sport, but you can't expect me, as a fighter, to
sit there and be happy when she's flipping me off. I'm never going
to get along with her."

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress