Hurriyet Daily News, Turkey
Aug 15 2013

Pınar Ogunc ISTANBUL - Radikal

The only suspect in the murder of Turkish-Armenian woman Maritsa Kucuk
has denied the allegations against him, saying he does not remember
what happened, in contrast to initial testimony in which he said
"he might have murdered her."

Suspect Murat Nazaryan, 38, said during the case's second hearing on
Aug. 14 that he did not remember any events, adding that the initial
testimony in the police station was taken under "psychological

Kucuk, 84, was stabbed seven times before her throat was slit at her
home in Istanbul's Samatya neighborhood on Dec. 28, 2012.

Two other attacks were carried out in the same month against elderly
Armenian women in the Samatya and Bakırköy districts as well.

An Istanbul court decided to arrest Nazaryan on charges of "intended
murder," after police detained him in Istanbul's Fatih district on
assault charges in connection with the attacks on Armenian women.

Nazaryan, also a Turkish citizen of Armenian origin, was ultimately
detained as a suspect in five attacks on March 2 when one of the
victims identified him.

Blood on an envelope found on Kucuk's bag allegedly belongs to
Nazaryan, while another woman who survived an attack in Samatya
identified him as the assailant, earlier reports said.

After the suspect's blood samples matched the blood found on Kucuk's
bag, he was questioned again. In his second questioning, he gave a
detailed testimony about the incidents.

Kucuk's family members, including daughter Bayzar Midilli, sons
Ya~_ar Kucuk and Zadik Kucuk, were also present at the courtroom.

Nazaryan's family has also denied the accusations. "We are also victims
in this case. We want everything to come to light for our name to be
absolved," a family member said.

Nazaryan has a criminal history of selling drugs and robbery.

The case was postponed until Nov. 14 to allow the investigation
to expand.