August 19 2013

"In the framework of Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area and
cooperation with EU, Armenia will acquire a situation where the
goods of domestic production with have international standards, and
we will have labs to develop the level of our products so that they
will be competitive in the European markets. By this, we will secure
ourselves from all the phenomena that based on different political
considerations, be RF, or any other country, will try to block the road
of Armenian goods, or to create whatever obstacles", - expressed his
opinion Tevan Poghosyan, member of RA NA Economic Relations Committee,
MP of "Heritage" faction, in the interview with

The problem is that last week Russia's Federal Customs Service decided
to include the whole products imported from Ukraine in the "risk group"
immediately and without warning, which means that, henceforth, Russian
customs officers are going to totally and thoroughly examine Ukrainian
products, and before giving a green light to them, they will first
demand to unload everything, and then reload. Analysts and politicians
believe that with this move official Moscow punishes Ukraine to
avoid joining the Customs Union proposed by RF President and to go
to Europe. We inquired from Mr. Poghosyan whether after initialing
the EU Association Agreement in November, Armenia would be expected
of such sanctions. Our interlocutor believes that with deepening the
relations with Europe, Armenian manufacturers will have to produce
such quality product that would not be possible to use for a variety of
political purposes. Tevan Poghosyan does not exclude the possibility of
having similar problems, political pressures against Armenia before
initialing the agreement." We must be ready for them, but guided
entirely by our own interests. Any kind of such pressure will last
shortly, and especially will promote deterioration of relationship,
politically. Therefore, RF has to realize itself that any kind of
such move will not convey a positive impulse to the Armenian-Russian
relations. And the Armenian-Russian relations are not conditioned
only by the Armenian side. RF should also do everything to keep the
relationship positive and on high-level, because such games between
strategic partners can not lead to positive results." Our interlocutor
notes that it would not be beneficial to RF in terms of its market to
obstacle the access of Armenian products liked by Russian consumers to
its market, because the consumers will start acquiring them illegally.

Nelly Grigoryan

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From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress