Attacks on General Arkady Ter-Tadevosyan a.k.a. Commandos, continue
since he has dwelt on some people and facts of the Karabakh war.

"Russian generals" and "elite" of veterans speak against him who have
held high-ranking positions in government agencies.

When speaking about him they say he is none of a commando, they created
a myth out of him and sent him to the front line. In fact, now they
are trying to bust the myth they created like Arkady Ter-Tadevosyan
was trying to bust myths of the war.

Myths are good if they are not too many. In Armenia, however, myths
have been too many since times memorable. Allegations on Commandos
make one think that the military leadership of Armenia is busy creating
myths. Myths and generals.

The Karabakh war was marked by a tough clash of myths and reality.

While Armenia was creating myths and sending them down to the front
line, Karabakh did not have time for that and often had to fight both
Azerbaijanis and myths. The second was more difficult because it was
necessary to find the right "balance" and prevent losses. It was hard
in the first stage of the war, which resulted in innumerable losses.

Later the "balance" was found. Conditions were created for myths to
make sure they remain within their limits and their "honorary" places.

The opposite extremity is in Karabakh. People in Karabakh do not
recognize popularity and myths. Hence, discussions on the war make
an impression that there were no "generals" in Karabakh or they
were there in the capacity of side watchers. There were generals,
and what generals, they simply did not suit the traditional Armenian
"mythology". They understood the subtleties of war, at the same time
paying homage to the "Russian generals", including Commandos, whose
war plans caused a sneer.

Besides, there were a lot of devotees in Armenia and Karabakh whose
names are not known widely. Who remembers Armen of Togh, Davit of
Yerevan, Kuchur Yura, Norik, tens and hundreds of other young men? Who
remembers the artillerist who overcame psychological and all kinds of
other obstacles and shot the first at the tanks with Russian personnel
achieving a breakthrough in the battlefield?

The devotees usually do not speak about war. The people who were
busy with mythology out of different urges and motivations, who
had problems with war and for whom the right to war was the key to
solution of their personal problems speak about war.

Haik Aramyan 16:25 30/08/2013 Story from News: