Minister Of Healthcare - Artsakh

Thu, Jul 24th, 2014

Competitive Healthcare Sector

Prof. Harutyun M. Kushkyan, Minister of Healthcare

Prof. Harutyun M. Kushkyan, Minister of Healthcare, discusses the
government's goals for the healthcare sector. He also highlights the
sector's appeal for international investors.

European Times: What are your ministry's major goals for the healthcare sector?

Prof. Harutyun Kushkyan: We want to have a competitive healthcare
sector that develops continuously. We are committed to providing the
best possible healthcare system, with strong medical institutions,
advanced technologies, and qualified doctors and nurses. We expect
positive results. We are cooperating with the Republic of Armenia,
Russia and Europe as well as specialists from all over the world. We
send our medical staff to be trained abroad, and we will soon be
sending medical teams to the US for a special training programme. We
also provide specialised equipment to medical institutions in
Stepanakert and other administrative territories throughout the
Republic to best serve the needs of our citizens.

European Times: What opportunities does Nagorno Karabakh's healthcare
sector offer for international investors?

Prof. Harutyun Kushkyan: We have created favourable conditions for
investment in the healthcare sector and we have already received
substantial investments. The main guarantee for these investments is a
policy passed by the President of the Republic and other
government-supported programmes. Investment projects include Tashir
Group's state-of-the-art Republican Medical Centre in Stepanakert,
which has a cardiology division that can perform cardiac surgery.
Together with our French partners, we have also established an
oncology department in this centre.

European Times: How do you encourage investments in the pharmaceuticals sector?

Prof. Harutyun Kushkyan: No pharmaceuticals are being produced in
Nagorno Karabakh at present. We import high-quality pharmaceuticals at
reasonable prices from our import partners. I would welcome investment
in pharmaceuticals manufacturing here, and our Ministry will do
everything possible to assist investors in pharmaceuticals or in any
healthcare-related project. As a physician, I am dedicated to ensuring
good health for our citizens. We are also working to improve quality
of life for local residents.

European Times: What is your personal message to potential
international partners and investors?

Prof. Harutyun Kushkyan: Our Ministry is very transparent, and we are
working to provide high-quality healthcare services for all people in
Nagorno Karabakh. The Government has created a favourable, safe
environment for foreign investors, and there are many opportunities
for investment in healthcare facilities, pharmaceuticals, health
tourism and more. We invite people to come here and see for themselves
what our country can offer.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress