Russian Embassy in Armenia gives a harsh response to the U.S. Embassy

by Karina Melikyan
Thursday, July 31, 20:08

In response to the statement of the United States Embassy in the
Republic of Armenia, Russian Federation's Embassy in Armenia has
expressed its official stance: "It does not become a diplomatic
mission to dictate the host country's authorities with whom and how
they should maintain ties, especially using suggestive threats against
the sovereign state. We suppose that the business community of Armenia
is also able to independently see into the matter of business conduct
and does not need any prompts", says the Russian Embassy's statement
sent to ArmInfo.

The Embassy of the Russian Federation in Armenia had to appear with
such a statement in relation to the U.S. Embassy's statement
disseminated among the state and business structures of Armenia. The
U.S. statement concerns the risks stemming from the cooperation with
the Russian companies and individuals on the list of the U.S.

"We are concerned about the U.S. attempts to complicate the activities
of Russian business in Armenia. All the Russian companies in Armenia,
including VTB Bank (Armenia) and Areximbank-Gazprombank Group are
under the jurisdiction of Armenia, operate within the limits of
Armenia's legislation, obtain profit and pay taxes in Armenia and
secure the employment of the major part of Armenia's population. The
calls to stop the contacts with the Russian companies disavow the U.S.
representatives' hypocritical statements about their willingness to
contribute to Armenia's economic development. One also definitely
observes obvious elements of dishonest trade and economic competition
in the USA's actions", says the official statement of the Russian
Embassy in Armenia.

The Russian Embassy takes the opportunity to reiterate the
contrivedness and illegitimacy of the United States' anti-Russian
sanctions, which will only complicate the Russian-U.S. relations and
create an extremely unfavorable environment in international affairs.
"Giving the impression of "consistency" in its current behavior,
Washington, in fact, is trying to escape responsibility for the tragic
developments in Ukraine and to settle accounts with Russia for the
latter's independent policy", says the Russian Embassy in its