Armenian National Committee of Australia calls on Australian
government to reverse Foreign Minister's error

16:09, 31 July, 2014

YEREVAN, JULY 31, ARMENPRESS. The Armenian National Committee of
Australia (ANC Australia) has labelled a recent
statement by Australia's Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop on the
Armenian Genocide "unacceptable", and called on the Australian
government to reverse this error in judgment. As reports "Armenpress",
in reference to Armenia Online, ANC Australia calls into question
Australia's recent policy change and calls on the Australian
government to review its position.

ANC Australia Chairman, Greg Soghomonian, remarked: "The Australian
Foreign Minister must immediately reverse this critical error of
judgment and listen to the will of the Australian Parliament in
recognising and honouring the victims of the Armenian Genocide." It
was noted that such actions not only denigrate the memory of genocide
victims but also disrespect Australia's very own history and the
heroic of ANZAC prisoners of war who witnessed this crime against
In a letter addressed to the Australian Turkish Advocacy Alliance,
Julie Bishop extraordinarily denies the historical reality of the
first genocide of the 20th century by stating "we, do not however,
recognise these events as 'genocide'."

Bishop's statement comes in stark contrast to fellow senior government
ministers who have actively called for the recognition of the Armenian
Genocide by the Australian Parliament. As recently as April of this
year, Treasurer Joe Hockey stated: "Today we gather to remember the
1.5 million people who perished in the genocide... there is no other
word for it."

Communications Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, and Immigration Minister,
Scott Morrison, along with ranking members from Labor, the Greens,
minor parties and Independents have in the recent past called on the
Australian Parliament to officially recognise the events of 1915 as