Assa-Irada, Azerbaijan
Dec 1 2004

Armenian opposition regards discussions on Upper Garabagh in UN as
Azerbaijan's success

The UN General Assembly discussed the issue on the occupied lands of
Azerbaijan at its 59th session on November 23.
Chairman of the Assembly said after the discussions that approval of
the wording of the resolution on Upper Garabagh prepared by the UN
General Assembly has been adjourned.
The Armenian opposition told local media following the discussions
that President Kocharian's foreign policy is bound to failure. They
also assessed the discussion of the Upper Garabagh conflict at the
United Nations as the success of Azerbaijan's foreign policy.
Chairman of the Armenian National Democratic Party Shavarsh Kocharian
said that although the discussions on the Upper Garabagh conflict may
be assessed as Azerbaijan's success, the adjourned approval of the
resolution can be regarded positive for Armenia.
`Armenia must take steps to impede the approval of the resolution,'
he said.
Kocharian noted that the postponement is mainly related to the fact
that the UN General Assembly supports the Upper Garabagh conflict
settlement strictly within the OSCE Minsk Group.*