AzerNews, Azerbaijan
Dec 2 2004

OSCE report on Garabagh conflict discussed in Baku

Goran Lennmarker, the special envoy of the OSCE Parliamentary
Assembly (PA) on the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict, visited Baku last

The OSCE PA special envoy told journalists at the airport that he has
arrived in Baku from Armenia where he held talks over seeking ways
for settling the conflict.
It is possible for the conflicting sides to find ways for a positive
resolution of the conflict, Lennmarker added.
During his visit, the OSCE envoy discussed the report he had prepared
on the Upper Garabagh conflict with the Azerbaijani government. The
parties also considered the disputed provisions, indicated by Baku

President Ilham Aliyev receiving the OSCE envoy, stated that despite
the ongoing peace talks between the two countries, no results have
been achieved thus far. Armenia is failing to take serious steps at
resolving the problem and is again trying to postpone the process of
negotiations, he said.
Aliyev regarded as positive the close involvement of the Council of
Europe and other international organizations in the conflict
resolution process.
Lennmarker said after the meetings he had with people from Upper
Garabagh and other Azerbaijani regions under occupation, he has made
a conclusion that the conflict must be resolved soon.
"The people suffering from the conflict, including refugees and
displaced persons, are in urgent need of assistance and long for
returning home."
Lennmarker added that it was important that international
organizations step up their attention to a peaceful resolution of the