Would-be fighters ask Azeri leader to start guerrilla warfare in Karabakh

525 Qazet, Baku
3 Dec 04

Text of Mahabbat's report by Azerbaijani newspaper 525 Qazet on 3
December headlined "Our purpose was only to restore our country's
territorial integrity" and subheaded "The young men charged with
preparing for guerrilla warfare in Karabakh have appealed to the
country's leadership"

Twenty-one people known as "Karabakh guerrillas" who are now standing
trial at the Grave Crimes Court [on charges of attempting to form an
illegal armed group] have appealed to the Azerbaijani president, the
chairman of the Supreme Court, the national security minister and the

The appeal reads that they intend to take up arms and fight the enemy
at the time when the Armenians are trying to create obstacles to the
[Karabakh] settlement.

"We think that it is high time to start guerrilla warfare in Karabakh
in a confidential way and under state control. Hundreds and thousands
of patriots, including us, who wish our motherland and state to be
powerful and do not seek any benefit, are ready to join this fight."

Twenty-one young men wishing to fight in Karabakh think that the
Armenian occupiers who are working jointly with foreigners and
collecting our resources from the occupied lands will witness once
again that these lands actually belong to us.

"We believe that by crossing into our occupied lands, we will succeed
in guerrilla actions gaining momentum there. We want to draw you
attention to the fact that we have been in jail for 16 months since we
prepared for guerrilla warfare. Although in doing so, we violated some
norms established by the law, our purpose was only to restore our
country's territorial integrity."